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The RUNWAY Fashion Show at Buffalo State University, deeply rooted in the mission, vision, and values of the university and the School of the Professions, is a distinguished event that celebrates academic excellence, creative expression, and community engagement. This updated policy is designed to ensure that the Runway event is a vibrant reflection of our institution’s ethos, fostering a space where innovation, inclusivity, and ethical practices are paramount.



  • Open to students who are currently enrolled at Buffalo State University, championing the university's commitment to diversity, inclusion, and academic excellence.

  • FTT Alumni of Buffalo State University are eligible to participate, provided they have graduated at least three years prior to the event. This is to ensure a blend of fresh perspectives with experienced insights.

  • Students currently studying abroad are welcome to participate by submitting their designs. These students must arrange for their garments to be present at the Critique and Evaluation and designate a representative to present on their behalf.

  • All design submissions must be original creations that highlight the designer's unique creativity, innovation, and commitment to ethical and sustainable practices in fashion. This aligns with the university's values of academic excellence and social responsibility.


Academic Code of Conduct

  • Participants must adhere to Buffalo State University's Academic Misconduct Policy, upholding honesty, responsibility, and respect.

  • Academic dishonesty, including plagiarism and misrepresentation, is strictly prohibited and will be met with appropriate action.


Design and Presentation Guidelines

  • Designs and patterns should be original including deconstructed and reconstructed garments. 

  • Designs must be suitable for a diverse audience, avoiding full nudity, sexual symbolism, or offensive content, in line with the university's dedication to respect and inclusivity.

  • Designs should align with social justice and equity principles.

    • Reflecting Diversity and Inclusivity

    • Promoting Equality

    • Accessibility and Universality

    • Sustainability 

    • Respectful Representation

  • Acknowledgement

    • External inspiration must be appropriately credited, respecting and acknowledging history of fashion and culture.

  • Safety and Compliance

    • Adherence to safety standards is crucial to ensure the well-being of all participants and attendees.

    • Full compliance with all university policies, particularly harassment, discrimination, and respectful conduct, is mandatory.


Submission and Selection Process

  • Design submissions must adhere to the Critique and Evaluation deadlines.

  • Judges, comprised of industry and alumni experts, will assess designs based on creativity, thematic relevance, marketability, and overall quality, highlighting the university's standard of excellence.

  • Please review the garment evaluation rubric. Available on 


Consequences of Policy Violation

  • Violations of this policy may result in disqualification from the event and possible academic disciplinary actions.

  • Serious or repeated infractions will be addressed in accordance with university policies.

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