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Behind RUNWAY: Isabelle Hillestad

Isabelle Hillestad, Marketing Director

Provoking Protopias focuses on finding solutions to the problems that exist in today's society.

What does Provoking Protopias mean to you?

For me, Provoking Protopias means creating something that is better than what we currently live in. It focuses on finding solutions to the problems that exist in today's society. We currently live in a world where people only focus on what the issues are but never push to find the solutions for a better tomorrow. Provoking Protopias is that push towards a world that is better than today and will continue pushing for better tomorrows.

What do you hope people take away from RUNWAY Provoking Protopias?

I’m hoping that people will take Provoking Protopias as a concept of change and improvement. We are using RUNWAY as a platform for creatives to display their ideas and the changes they would like to see in the world. I’m hoping people can see how important it is to push for the things that need development and the way that translates into the artistic field.

So far, what has been the best part of working on RUNWAY?

I had the pleasure of working on RUNWAY Push For Progress last year. This year I have the amazing opportunity of stepping into a larger role and it is so amazing to see our ideas coming to life and the show coming to life. I also love working alongside a leadership team filled with truly strong and amazing women who are making Provoking Protopias become everything that it can.

What part of Provoking Protopias are you most looking forward to?

So far, I have already greatly enjoyed seeing all the branding by Spicy Creative come together for our initial brand launch and I cannot wait to see how that progresses as we continue in our marketing. With that, I am also looking forward to seeing how all the designers incorporate their work into the theme of Provoking Protopias to highlight what we are all working towards.


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