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Behind RUNWAY: Emelia Seiferth

Emelia Seiferth, Front of House Producer

I hope that RUNWAY: Provoking Protopias inspires others to incorporate a new way of thinking...

What does Provoking Protopias mean to you?

Provoking Protopias has various meanings. While completing a homework assignment for the Fashion Production class and listening to my classmates' point-of-view toward the meaning of this year's RUNWAY production theme, I had the opportunity to develop my own definition of Provoking Protopias. My key takeaway for Provoking Protopias is that big changes are coming for the fashion industry. These changes involve a more unconventional mindset toward individuals, going against the norms, standing out and finding one's true meaning without any restrictions that cannot be overcome.

What do you hope people take away from RUNWAY Provoking Protopias?

Educating individuals on an unconventional idea is where growth and creativity spark in others. I hope that RUNWAY: Provoking Protopias inspires others to incorporate a new way of thinking and not follow the typical norms of society. Learn to stand out from the crowd, be your own individual and strive to be different in any way possible. Change is what leads to progress. If we could reach one individual throughout the production of the RUNWAY show and what they can take from Provoking Protopias, the change is already in motion. Inspiration starts and the conversation expands into reality.

So far, what has been the best part of working on RUNWAY?

Having the opportunity to work beside such inspirational and well-minded people is by far my favorite part of this experience. There are certain moments in your life when you take a step back and realize this is when you figure out the type of people and environments you want to surround yourself with, and I am having that feeling right now. Although the RUNWAY process has just started and as we move closer to the show I am sure certain feelings will settle in. I just know that whatever happens the support and guidance I have from my leaders and classmates will make this experience as enjoyable and memorable as possible.

What part of Provoking Protopias are you most looking forward to?

As the Front of House Producer, my role is to help out in all aspects of the show and how the production is moving forward. I am most excited to experience that day and see everyone's hard work coming to life. I would not be surprised if emotions were to come through and I shed a tear or two over how accomplished everyone should feel by the end of the show. I am looking forward to seeing all of the designers' completed looks and seeing their vision come to life as their models walk the catwalk. Those are the moments that I will never forget!


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