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RUNWAY Senior Designers: Imani Wint

Provoking Protopias to me means to create a future that is attainable. To create this we have to look into the past.

What does Provoking Protopias mean to you and how is that displayed through your collection? "Provoking Protopias to me means to create a future that is attainable. To create this we have to look into the past", Imani explained that her collection is based on this exact concept of looking into the past to create, she said "I am using scraps of crotchet from my mothers old creations to go on and create something entirely new and sustainable."

What has been your creative process? "My creative process so far has consisted of doing research, I found a lot of my inspiration on Pinterest. I also looked through WGSN for inspiration. Imani also explained that WGSN has been one her favorite platforms to find inspiration from during her years of being a designer. " I also like to work with music on, it helps me to stay motivated and focused on my work."

What has been your favorite part so far in creating your collection/ garments? "My favorite part so far in creating my collection has been the pattern making and draping aspect of it, these have always been techniques that I've enjoyed, and I am happy to be able to use them for this collection. I also really enjoyed putting together my mood board for this collection."

What do you hope to have people take away after seeing Provoking Protopias? "I hope people can begin to think about taking care of their clothes as well as what goes into making their clothes, not just the process in making their clothes but also making sure their clothes end up being recycled and reused. If everyone began to put a little more thought into this, then we would easily be able to make sure clothes are taken care of for a long time and not end just being more waste on our planet."


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