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FTT 452 Fashion Show Production
"Runway Crew"

This course focuses on the basic skills and methodologies employed in developing and producing successful events specifically for the fashion industry. You will learn about the theory and practice of fashion show production and be introduced to the different roles and responsibilities involved in creating a successful fashion show or event. You will explore the role of shows and events within contemporary fashion and you will examine the social, ethical, and environmental issues relating to these promotional activities. You will learn the practice of fashion show production and event management through presentations and by working in teams to plan a professional event. 


Student Directors

Expectations: All student directors must be good leaders and empower their team to create the best Runway show both in-person and virtually. Directors are encouraged to maintain a healthy work environment, problem solve, use critical thinking skills, stay fluid during tough times and provide clear communication with their team.  

Creative Team

  • This role consists of a diverse creative output

  • It requires flexibility, a discerning eye, and strong communication skills

  • This role will assist in leading the art direction as well as the brand image for Runway 

  • Responsible for directing and overseeing creative teams (marketing and graphic design) in the development of digital brand marketing and visual imagery for Runway across all media platforms

  • Lead the planning, creation and execution of digital, visual (look book, program and Runway show projections) and advertising campaigns

  • Oversee implementation of stylistic requirements

  • Manage brand collaborations 

Casting Director

  • This role is responsible for casting models, hair and makeup for Runway

  • Responsible for creating and managing all casting calls and social media callouts

  • It requires working with the student director, creative and marketing team and stylists to create promotional material for castings

  • Responsible for all model, hair & MUA contracts 

  • This role will work with models, designers and stylists  to create the perfect choreography and walk for each scene. 

  • Responsible for notifying all models (in addition to the designer/stylist) about show details and requirements (Clean nails, bring foundation etc.) 

  • This role will assist in managing the master list & model handbook - making sure all model info is correct etc.

Marketing Team

  • The role requires building a brand portfolio and maintaining a vision for Runway that is beauty/fashion orientated

  • Responsible for creating marketing campaigns, ideas, and concepts for Runway

  • Responsible for executing PR campaigns for the brand

  • Meet with College Relations, assist with press releases, hometown stories, local press and Runway blog posts

  • Overseeing social media coordinator and ensuring that all social targets are being met

  • Developing editorial copy, advertising copy, help with press releases, digital media campaigns and all necessary projects. 

  • Understanding the current beauty/fashion industry trends and where the industry is moving.

  • Creating partnerships with bloggers, publications, etc.

  • Identify and invited select local personalities/ celebrities/ bloggers/ YouTube stars 

  • Executing a desirable and creative e-mail blast schedule

  • Reach out to the Alumni office and arrange for 2 email blasts – save the date and show poster/ticket sales

  • Press invitations and accommodations [seating, goodie bags, press pit] 

  • Secure student and professional photographers 

  • Arrange all press opportunities – Radio, online interviews, TV, Buffalo State Record etc. 

  • Develop a press list

  • Make press passes and work with VIP on assigned seating


  • This role consists of handling all aspects of the participating designers, hair salons (and freelance), makeup artists and accessories for the show 

  • Responsible for working with designers to develop a cohesive runway look for their perspective clients. 

  • It requires a high level of creativity, management and patience 

  • Responsible for soliciting and managing hair and makeup artists for your sections

  • The role requires you to make sure all of the information for your sections is updated daily in the master list

  • Responsible for creating a schedule for hair, makeup and models - Who, what, when, where etc. (for backstage producer and designers)

  • Responsible for working with backstage manager on schedules and backstage set-up

  • Create a backstage check-in list and manage everyone on your team – designers, hair, makeup and models

  • Responsible for developing a production book for each designer – giving styling direction 

  • Assist in model selection and help with catwalk training and choreography 

  • Responsible for accessorizing your designer’s collection - shop for accessories in the Runway closet or use the pull letter to solicit local shops

  • All accessories are under YOUR care and must be delivered back to the store immediately following Runway

  • Responsible for taking care of your crew and fellow students

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