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Want to be a model?

RUNWAY pushes for diversity and inclusion on our stage - which includes, casting models of color, models with disabilities, women, trans and gender non-conforming models, and other members of historically and currently marginalized communities that are not well represented or misrepresented in fashion. 

RUNWAY encourages student designers to cast models of any race/ethnicity, disability, age, size, and gender/gender identity.

Time commitments and requirements for models include:


  • Schedule: Familiarize yourself with the show's schedule, including call times, fittings, hair and makeup call times, and the RUNWAY show time.

  • Wardrobe: Know the details of the outfits you'll be wearing, including the order and any quick changes. Clothing and accessories will be labeled to avoid confusion and follow your Runner. 

  • Hair and Makeup: Communicate with the hairstylists and makeup artists if you have any special requirements or allergies.

  • Shoes: Ensure your shoes fit well and are comfortable for walking. Be aware of the specific footwear you'll be wearing for each look.

  • Runway Walk: Practice your RUNWAY walk and know the specific choreography or cues for the show. Pay attention to the director's instructions.

  • Dressing Assistance: Familiarize yourself with the dressers and backstage crew who will help you change quickly between looks (if applicable).

  • Safety: Be aware of emergency exits, safety protocols, and the location of first-aid stations or personnel in case of any issues.

  • Communication: Stay in touch with the backstage coordinator or team leaders to ensure you are where you need to be at the right time.

  • Etiquette: Be professional, courteous, and respectful to the entire production team, including designers, stylists, makeup artists, and fellow models.

  • Photo Policies: Please be aware of taking photos backstage while models are getting dressed. If you do not follow this policy, you will be asked to leave. 

  • Relaxation Techniques: Find ways to stay calm and manage any pre-show nerves, such as deep breathing or visualization exercises.

  • Dietary Restrictions: Communicate any food allergies or dietary restrictions to the catering team to ensure you have suitable meals or snacks.

  • Personal Presentation: Keep your nails, skin, and hair well-groomed and maintain good personal hygiene.

  • Teamwork: Work collaboratively with the entire production team to create a successful show. Be flexible and adaptable to last-minute changes.

  • Show Requirements: Understand the theme or message of the fashion show to better convey the designer's vision while on the RUNWAY.

  • After the Show: Please pick up after yourself and remember all of your belongings, RUNWAY will not be held responsible for individual’s personal belongings.

  • Wardrobe Care: Handle the clothing and accessories with care to prevent any damage or mishaps during the show.

  • Feedback: Be open to constructive feedback and learn from your experiences to improve as a model.​

Lastly, we are GRATEFUL for your help in making this show a success - we couldn't do this without the dedication of our wonderful models. You will have access to all photos taken from the show.


Follow us on social media: @bsurunway #bsurunway 

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