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Critique & Evaluation

Date: April 5, 2024

Senior designers - 10:00 AM 

Student collection - 12:30 PM

Single item - 1:00 PM

Fiber arts - 1:30 PM


Location: TECH 3rd floor lobby


All designers present their collections/looks to our RUNWAY judges, who are professionals in the fashion industry. This real-world experience helps build professional presentation skills and allows students to showcase their creative talents in a jury setting. Each garment is judged on the 1) construction and quality, 2) fabric and material selection, 3) design creativity and originality, 4) fit and functionality, 5) market appropriateness and appeal, 6) overall aesthetic and style. The judges rate each look on a scale of 1 -10, with 10 being the highest mark. Click HERE for the full rubric. 


The 2024 focus is – True Delusion


  1. 1st Place Senior Collection ($1,000)

  2. 2nd Place Senior Collection ($500)

  3. 3rd Place Senior Collection ($300) 

  4. Student Collection Award ($300)

  5. Rising Star Award ($250)

  6. Fiber Arts Awards (TBD)

  7. Single Item Award ($250)

  8. Best in Show ($1000)


On the day of the show the judges return to view your performance. The Best in Show award is selected according to the overall final presentation and show performance.  


All winners will be announced on stage after the 7 pm show. 

Critique & Evaluation Presentations:

During the Critique & Evaluation session, designers will have the opportunity to showcase their work and receive valuable feedback from our esteemed judges.


Here's what to keep in mind:

  • Prepare and Practice: Thoroughly prepare your presentation and practice in advance.

  • Dress Professionally: Present yourself in a professional manner.

  • Introduction: Start with a brief introduction of yourself.

  • Explain Inspiration: Share the inspiration behind your design.

  • Discuss Choices: Explain the materials and design choices you've made.

  • Highlight Features: Point out unique aspects of your work.

  • Answer Questions: Be prepared to respond to judges' questions.

  • Confidence: Maintain a calm and confident demeanor.

  • Feedback: Be open to constructive criticism.

  • Timing: Respect the allocated presentation time.

  • Gratitude: Show appreciation to the judges for their time and feedback.

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